We have a youth boxing program for boys and girls grades 6th through 12th. This program will train each youth in boxing technique and the fundamentals of boxing, paying close attention to the boxers age, fitness, and skill level. Our youth boxing program is designed to provide the opportunity to improve his or athletic endurance. The physical training will help channel their youthful energy and build confidence in life and academics. Any youth that can learn the discipline that is takes to train like a boxer, should be able to apply that discipline in their lives. The FOCUS of Mid-South Boxing Academy is NOT FIGHTING, although we do support youth competition and provide avenues for such goals. We feel that this is important to have a year round option for kids to stay active, to keep children on a good path, and stay out of trouble. They will learn team work, responsibility, commitment, confidence, practice, and respect in a social environment where mentors can help guide and advise when needed. We are not just a boxing gym. We help the youth of our community

focus and help guide their lives in the proper direction.



Monday through Friday form 4:30pm until 6:30pm



Grades 6th through 12th

1.) All students must carry a C average in their academics in order to


2.) All students must have hand wraps and 12oz bag gloves to hit the bags.

    (We can assist in helping you find the necessary equiptment)

3.) A waiver must be signed by parent or legal gaurdian.

4.) An Anti Bully agreement must be signed.